Well, summarizing…

My wedding reports are based on a documentary approach that runs away from cliches and scripts. As a wedding photographer, I focus on people, in what we are and what we do to celebrate a really special day.

In my wedding reports I never refuse anything and I always expect the unexpected, anytime, even when nobody thinks something can happen.

Formals and photos of rings and shoes are fine. However, as a wedding photographer, I am always looking for moving pictures, those ones that will make you remember how you felt during your great day and what happened around you without noticing it.


For 2 reasons…

Firstly, because I do not like telling people what to do. One of my goals as a wedding photographer is to make you feel relaxed and to let you have fun and enjoy your day completely with all your guests. Do not ever think that you have to come with me to-take the-photo… Do what you want, the way you want and whenever you want. I will be there to capture it.

Secondly, bacuase I think that the documentary approach is the best way to get authentic and unique photos that will not go out of fashion. I will try to make you recognize yourself in the pictures when you look at them in fourty years time.

Posed photographs are conventional and easy to replicate. However, you will not be able to repeat the excited sight of your parents when they see you in your wedding dress, the deep hug with your brother or sister or the moment when your nephew picks his nose in the middle of the ceremony (let’s face it, kids tend to get bored in these situations…).


Well, I am not Superman…

To get the best result in my wedding reports I always rely on a lighting assistant. Sometimes, the locations where I work do not have a suitable light. In those cases, it is always advisable to use a flash to guarantee a good shot.

Nevertheless, if we have a fantastic light and we do not need an additional source of light, my assistant will act as a second photographer. Although a second point of view is not necessary, it can be useful sometimes.



Well, only if you want… As you have read before, my work as a wedding photographer is based on a documentary style. I am not really attracted to posed portraits. However, a wedding is a very special event where we emphasize some elements like dresses, hairdos and makeups. So, I will understand that you will feel like stopping for a little while in order to take some photos that will show how stunning you look.

To do this quickly and without pain, I prepare this short report previously. I always choose locations near the ceremony or the venue so we will not waste much time with this kind of pictures (my record is 18 minutes…).

But, as I have already told you, we will do it only if you really want… If not, there is no problem at all. The world will keep on turning around  and you will be able to keep enjoying your big day with all your guests, which is what you have to do.


Yes, yes, yes, and again… yes!

Some famous photographers say that photos are not photos until they are printed. I subscribe to that. Believe me: unfortunately, digital devices sometimes fail. That is why professional photographers use backups in the cloud and in hard disks.

You may think that is enough if i deliver you a pendrive with your pictures. But, maybe, you will download those photos to a single hard drive, that may get corrupted. If you have not upload your photos to the cloud, you may have lost all of them beacuase you may have forgotten where you have kept the damn pendrive. Or, in some years from now, you will not be able to connect that pendrive to any device…

However, the album will always be there, waiting quietly for you on the shelf. Probably, some autumn rainy afternoon  you will open it, you will  look at all those pictures and you will smile and cry again. Believe me, those things happen


Some hours, really…

My experience tells me that 10 hours are time enough to cover all the important moments of a wedding, since the bride starts getting ready until the party is started.

When do I start and when do I finish? It’s up to you! Maybe you think that getting ready pictures are not interesting and you prefer to reflect something special that you have programmed at the end of the party. Or maybe your wedding is a little event without any party but you and your guests will stay at the same place during all the day… you are the boss! Just tell where I must be and what time I must be there and I will see you there.

However, if you think that 10 hours will not be enough time, you will always have the chance to hire me for some extra hours. This way, all you have planned will be perfectly documented in your report.


Cuanto antes mejor…

Oftenly, I receive more than one request for the same date. Due to the fact that I only photograph a wedding per weekend, as soon as you know that I will be your wedding photographer, do not hesitate to call me or send me an e-mail.

I will tell you the easy steps to finally make the reservation so you can be completely sure that I will be there documenting your big day.


Para muestra, unos cuantos botones…



¿Qué dicen mis clientes?

Having a great photographer for our wedding was at the top our list. When we stumbled across Imanol's website, it took nothing short to a minute to realize he was the one to capture our day. When we arrived in San Sebastian, we met with Imanol and he immediately understood what we wanted. This day was to be all about family and love, nothing more, nothing less. Imanol fit right in, just like a guest. He managed to capture the true magic of the time with our family and made every single person feel at ease. His dedication to excellence showed the entire weekend, always going above and beyond, helping us with anything we needed. Our whole family was so impressed. We knew that Imanol would do a great job, but he actually blew us away. We could not be happier with the end result. Hire him if you can, you will not be disappointed.
Wow! The photos are sooo good that we are speechless! I can't stop watching our slideshow with your awesome pictures. I've been crying for an hour, hahaha! It's amazing how you documented all the special moments of our day and how you pay attention to the little details as well. These pictures will make us remember our wedding day forever. You are the best! Thank you so so so much!


Or you still have doubts…

Do you think that I am the suitable photographer to take the pictures of your wedding? Do you want to know my rates? Do you still have questions about how many pictures I deliver, whether I take group shots or not or what a photographer  has for lunch on a wedding day?

Do not hesitate to be in touch with me through this contact form so we will be able to comment all the details regarding your big day.


If you think that I am the correct person to keep your life bites in images or if you have any doubt or question, please, email me or call me to +34 655 725 342

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Oh, this sounds so serious…